Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SPOTTED: Sui Sui Bag

picture 7 001 (2)

Yes, it’s yet another Gucci tote! They have so many it’s so difficult to decide which to own, can? *grins* What more, the price is negotiable it gives you even more reasons to wanna own one! Woot!

SPOTTED: My Favourite Boutique

18121# yellow RM58

And I was just saying how I adore them hoodies and sweats, no? Well, looks like my prayers just got answers with their new collection! And you were thinking only Juicy produced these stuff eh? Tee-hee. NOT!

SPOTTED: Simple Touch


Black dress.. always reminds me of 3OH!3’s “Don’t trust me”. Tee-hee. Only there isn’t tights here. But hey, you get the drift eh? Black dresses are so versatile that we really need more than one of it!

SPOTTED: Miss Nineteen


More dual toned goodies! I loike it. Totally sexy with this off shoulder number here, can? *grins* And also that bow there as well. Tee-hee. I’m just a sucker for dual toned goodies, so it all looks good to me!

SPOTTED: Absolute Secretz


More tees are up for grabs! The more the better, after all we can tees all the time, no matter where we are! So why not? Especially with the whole LMTs craze slowing down, time to get more artistic designs on our tees, can?

SPOTTED: Bella Lolita


More Coach goodies. And pink Coach bags are totally a rare and gorgeous bag! I mean, especially for pink lovers, why not? The classic bag in pink *giggles* Something to own, definitely! Woot!

SPOTTED: Think Glamz


And more bf shirts up for grabs babes! Like this craze, is never gonna die off! It’s the most comfy kinda wear and we’ve been wearing it long before they were selling it. Tee-hee. Total genius creation!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic


Ahh.. another new collection from ‘em and it’s a genuine lock and key, can? Woot! Wonder where they find all these goodies and better yet, these fab ideas! Tee-hee. Lovin’ it!


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