Friday, June 19, 2009

SPOTTED: Allaven Fashion Gallery


Alright, dual toned goodies some more! Woot!  I love it! Especially with that top part looking like that, how can you not wanna own it already? Sure makes a good piece for work or even play, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Vintage Buttons


Oh yes, you’re looking at Chanel babes! Only 9 pairs available babes, be sure to snatch ‘em up before some one else does alright! Not to be missed with these one here, can? *winks*

SPOTTED: Pre-Order Boutique

19840 Black2 '

Ahh.. more dual toned goodies with a more playful touch to it, can? Woot! Something like this sure is perfect when you’re out having fun babes! Check out what other colour combos they’ve got babes!

SPOTTED: Coco Goddess


Looking familiar with that logo there babes? Yup, it is a Coach inspired bag! And this one here’s just one of the many alright! For a fraction of what you pay for the real thing, you can bring home something similar!

SPOTTED: La’Belle Xtra


And a scarf ain’t just a scarf no more when you can accessorise with it in so many, ways, no? Tie it, or just have it hang loosely around your neck! Which ever way it is, it sure is looking fab babes!

SPOTTED: Kimono Boutique


Ahh.. more of ‘em shirts are here babes! Looking good when you tie it at the midriff like this, no? *winks* Sure is something that we should all have. And the best part? This ain’t the only design that they’ve got!

SPOTTED: Vava Voom


Here’s another one with the dual tones, can? Plus the extra ruffles at the side there for accessorizing! Now that is something awesome, no? Woot! Am loving it already!

SPOTTED: Thread Whispers


Celebrate the love of handmade goods with these bags here babes! Very floral themed and they got some with them sakura prints as well too! Sure is perfect in time for the coming Bon Odori!

SPOTTED: Sassy Spree

And polka dots we’ve seen plenty but with something like this one here? Sure isn’t a common piece alright! Tee-hee. What say you? Grab it already? *grins* Especially if you adore polka dots!

SPOTTED: Miirage

Woot! More wedges and they’re in awesome purple! Alright! I love it, love the slingback, love the rose, the colour, this is a must have pair of shoes to own babes! Tee-hee


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