Thursday, June 18, 2009

SPOTTED: Kim Dresses


They don’t only got awesome maxi dresses but now they are catering for the men’s section as well too! Woot! Now ain’t that just fab babes? Like this slim fit one here sure is a great choice! Check ‘em out!

SPOTTED: A Shopaholic Epitomist


Ahh.. pinstriped pencil skirts! I loike it! It sure has that classic corporate look that we like no? Pair it with a button down long sleeve and you’re ready for that chic look! 

SPOTTED: A Season in Summer *Newbie*


Here are more skirts for you lot babes! I love them and it looks perfect with those pretty heels and boots we’ve got in store too, no? Tee-hee. Match it with a studded belt for the ultimate rocker chic look!

SPOTTED: Dorfbury


Polka dottiee some more! A classic print on the contemporary tube dress, can? Goodies like these sure are for keepers, no? I loike it already! What about you? Tee-hee. Check out the other colours that come with this one here

SPOTTED: Our Mutual Passion


Ahh.. looks like the glads have evolved to higher heights and softer tones. Check out that heel there already! Ain’t it awesome? Tee-hee. Better place your orders in while stocks last babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: A Model Excess


And look who else brought in them shoes! *grins* Yup, that’s right, they too have started their shoe collection along side with their bags and cinchers! Plenty of accessories from ‘em! Check it out!

SPOTTED: Kedai Nana *Newbie*


Aww.. ain’t those just adorable?! Crocs for kids! Available in all colours and sizes as well too, can? Get them already! Whether for them kiddos or for display, I reckon it’ll serve these purposes just fine! *winks*

SPOTTED: Alphabet Closet


More artsy kitschy mini dresses up for grabs, can? This one here sure is something and its limited as well too. You better not miss out on it if you wanna own it! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya now eh? *winks*

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

13605# grey RM33

And lets have some sporty pants to go with that shall we? These knee length ones sure are a comfy pair when we wanna be all casual and even for running! Woot! Don’t see much of them around nowadays, no?


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