Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

highwaistskirt copy

High waisted skirts yet again babes! Man, we just cannot get enough of ‘em, no? Especially when they come in black! I only have two and am totally looking for more! What about you babes?

SPOTTED: Gifts Gallore


Aww.. aren’t those just adorable babes? Tee-hee. Fancy buying a soft toy, this is the place to be! After all, no matter what age we are at, we can always do with a snuggly cuddle with one of these

SPOTTED: Stephanie’s


Polymer flowers we’ve seen plenty but something like this here? Now it makes you just wanna own it already, can? *grins* Because I totally do! What say you? Oh, do hurry also, it’s totally selling fast babes!

SPOTTED: Round Bean


Mm.. now if you had too many of the usual charm bracelets that we come across, something like this sure will do good, can? *grins* I’d totally like to think so babes! And it’s got a matching necklace to go too! Check it out!

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo


Ahh.. more skirts! And not restockable so you know what to do when you see goodies like these babes! No need to wait too long or you’d regret when this one here gets snapped up by some other babe!



Pinafores sure has made it a long way from what it was. Now we have them checked and striped as well too, can? Woot! This sure is fab, knowing we can have more awesome designs to come!

SPOTTED: Doublewoot


Ahh.. looking all elegant there already, no? Or perhaps I just got this thing for halters and halter dresses *grins* But hey, you gotta agree this one here is like no other we’ve come across, can?

SPOTTED: Tivovivo Design *Newbie*


They sure have got some interesting tees there up for grabs babes! *grins* And all themed for summer as well too! Woot! This is just great and I’ma loving summer holidays and the clothes!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata


A simple blouse but note the sleeves there babes. Aren’t they something? *grins* The lantern sleeves sure makes all the difference alright. After all, its the little details that matter most, no?

SPOTTED: Heels Boutique *Newbie*


Here’s another place for you to treat those pretty feet! Plenty of shoes up for grabs and not only so, they’re having discounts now as well too! Woot! Grab this opportunity to get those awesome shoes already!


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Anonymous said...

wow, really good deal! just bought a pair :) can't wait for it to arrive. thanks for the review!
*jules, PJ*