Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SPOTTED: House of Beauty

Top Y160

It’s been a while since I saw these shirts alright! Sometime, we just wanna wear these out and not the bf kinda shirts, can? Something simple like this is good for a casual day out! Woot!

SPOTTED: Little Cheri Blossom


More headbands! And this time, they’re bought in from over the seas babes! You sure don’t wanna miss out on ‘em alright! Because it means that they’re totally limited in number! Hurry along to get yours today!



Plenty of work attire with this new collection here, can? Ain’t that fab babes? Sure love to have some of these alright. And very smart chic look there to carry indeed! I loike it! Woot!

SPOTTED: Topsy-Turvee


Of course, we so cannot miss out on the colours when it comes to dresses like these alright. I mean, the more colours, the better, no? *winks* Sure is something to look forward to wearing alright!

SPOTTED: Closet Alert

chunky blue necklace

Woot! Cool blue with this piece here already babes! Like I’ll be. Pink ain’t the only colour when it comes to accessories! Blue is the new hot colour for collection! *grins* Ger more and get ‘em now!

SPOTTED: Rose’s Treat *Newbie*

Stila lip color molly

And lookie here babes! Stila goodies up for grabs! Totally not something we get to see everyday online now, no? *grins* So like, hurry and get them while stocks last babes! Do not miss out on this one here!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic


They’re back and with even more awesome goodies than ever before! Be the princess you’ve always wanted to be with these crowns here, can? *grins* Man, you gotta give it to them for scouting the best finds for accessories alright!


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