Wednesday, June 3, 2009



A nail art junkie? Then this might interest you. Notice the little fruits they got there? Yup, they’re for sale, can? Imagine having a whole fruit salad on your nails there! Woot! This sure is a new one for me!

SPOTTED: Apple Cabin


Lacey baby. Ahh.. and note the price as well too. Something simple with a great price to match. No wonder we love shopping online so much, can? Tee-hee. Plus, everyone needs basics like these here

SPOTTED: Dolly Moo Moo

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White does look awesome with purple when they are matched like that, no? *winks* And love that whole tulip feature when it comes to tube dresses. Really does make all the difference, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Freya Frolio *Newbie*  


We’ve seen cut outs and eyelets a plenty but with something like this? Sure is getting all the better with a babydoll top, no? I loike it! Especially when they come in bright happy colours!

SPOTTED: Dress Me Up


Ahh.. check out those cute big buttons for that pair of 3/4 pants already! Man, it sure is a rare find and to think capris were all around some years back! Totally loved my khaki ones alright! 

SPOTTED: Shopping Queen *Newbie*


Not only is it in my favourite colour, it has got my favourite obi belt as well too! Yes, the belt comes free along with the purchase of the dress, can? Woot! This sure is great alright!

SPOTTED: Ladies Mall


Not only has it got awesome cute puffy sleeves but a bow to it as well? *grins* Now we’re talking! A sweet piece like this one here sure does wonders! And all the more perfect for pink lovers too!

SPOTTED: Pinkylixiouz *Newbie* 


And when we’re looking for shirts, it doesn’t have to be the traditional kind. Something like this works well too, no? *winks* I totally like it! They even got one in white if you like *grins*


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