Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SPOTTED: My Dressing Closet

Pictures 030

Another great piece for the butterfly lovers, can? And ahh.. in white and gold too. What fab colours! *grins* Purity and royalty all in one here

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale


Juicy Couture inspired goodies, can? Not your typical velour designs with Juicy written all over it but hey, something like this looks fab to me too! Especially the one in tan! Tee-hee. Totally loving it already!

SPOTTED: Perfect Scent


This is like my 2nd favourite one after Issey Miyake, can? And totally love the bottle design to it too! *grins* Have a whole miniature set sitting proudly in my cupboard. Too adorable to use ‘em!

SPOTTED: Circle Closet


Ahh.. this is definitely an awesome way to wear them bf shirts alright! *giggles*  Showing off that midriff there and a pair of shorts sure is country-styln’ no? I loike it! And I’ma gonna get one soon!

SPOTTED: Snazzy Sally


Go retro with ‘em polka dots! Tee-hee. So happy to look at them in other colours other than the usual black and white, no? And this one here allows you to wear it the way you want it too! Woot!



Yet another Juicy bag, can? Man, you sure gotta love ‘em especially when they come in other colours than pink. Which is really rare! *grins* What say you? Are you gonna get that? *winks*

SPOTTED: Yahoo Taiwan Spree


Tee-hee. A mini hair straightener, can?  Something like this sure is gonna make your travelling days great! Especially is you’re gonna attend functions and the lot! *grins* Plus, totally affordable as well too!


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