Sunday, June 28, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Doublewoot

SPOTTED: Doublewoot


Try something totally artsy with this one here! This is the new trend with them artistic images on them clothes, can? We’re displaying great works of art! Woot! Doesn’t have to be fanciful, just as long as it speaks of your personality!

n-style b-style

Dual toned goodies, s’more! Tee-hee. And they’re not the usual kinds we see too alright! These here sure look fab with them pleats and also them extra detailing to make it all the more worth buying!


And of course, we cannot forget about them maxi dresses! Try something with less designs, leaving it where it’s prominent for a fresh summer look! This one here, totally does it right babes!


Or something more calming and sweet like this one over here! Looking fab as well too, can? Tee-hee. What say you? Nab it while stocks last! *grins* We sure do need some blue once in a while, no?

 d-stylei-style   r-style

And if you must have it with them prints, here’s plenty of choices with warm colours to choose from. The best part of it all? For work or play, they’re the perfect choices for both worlds! Woot!

 u-style p-style

And for those who stay on the simplicity side of things when it comes to colours and designs, here you go! *grins* Something for everyone when you visit them! So head on over already!


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