Saturday, June 6, 2009



Ahh.. I’ve got a tube top like this one here. And now it’s in a dress, with the exact same prints too! *giggles* Sure is adorable, ain’t it? I really think so. Simple, loud prints, just for the weekend!

SPOTTED: I Love Dollhaus


You’ve seen them on the runway. Now you can own one pair of your own as well too! Woot! That is, while stocks last of course *grins* What say you? Go check ‘em out already!

SPOTTED: Girl About Town


Ahh.. this blazer here sure is like no other! Check out that extra polka dotted layer there to give it that extra edge *grins* Very Japanese inspired I would say, no? *winks* I’ma lovin’ it!

SPOTTED: House of Beauty

Pants L7078d

Bet it’s the first time you came across these! Well, it’s a first for me. Nylon shorts and shimmering indeed. Looking good, no? Plus, it’s slightly high waisted as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Ultimate Dazzle


Oh yea, more quilted bags are up for grabs! Man, it’s crazy that there are so many out there, can? We had the signature Chanel one and now we got them in all sorts of shapes and sizes too!

SPOTTED: Signature Pieces *Newbie* 


rm19 for halters! Plenty of colours to choose from as well too. Love it when they’ve got basics like these for sale. And we need something other than the usual colours we’ve seen, no?

SPOTTED: Fushimii


Soft cotton blouses sure makes my day. Sometimes it’s the material that counts for me. The designs just needs to be simple, like this one here *grins* After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?


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