Saturday, June 6, 2009

SPOTTED: Vogue In You


Shoes, shoes and more shoes. What’s a girl to do without them? *grins* Especially when they’re looking like that. Ahh.. wild prints but not too wild. A perfect pair of heels for the night out!

SPOTTED: Lacey Dacey

IMG_0706 (Medium)

Summer time brings plenty of sun dresses. Especially when they come in stripes. Totally reminds me of hitting the beach somehow. Hey, there should be more bikinis along with these alright!



A striped bf shirt. Hmm.. haven’t seen these in a while alright. And notice those shiny buttons there as well too? Tee-hee. Looking fab there, no? *winks* I totally agree, especially when paired with a studded belt!

SPOTTED: A & J Pre-Order


And to think all dual toned goodies were what we are used to seeing. Wait till you see this, a mix of chiffon top and denim skirt all in one! Ain’t that just a fab design? Woot! I loike it!

SPOTTED: Kooki Fashion *Newbie* 


This one here is going for a price so low you’d be silly to miss it. Simply because they’re offering you both retail and supplying you goods at the same time! Elimination of the middle man!

SPOTTED: Purple Charms


Now, now, bows can do many things. They can tie your hair, go round your waist, on your bags or discover something new! A few gorgeous selections for you to choose from to jazz up your looks!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story


For those of you who are crazy about angel wings, here are more for you! Looking awesome in gold there, no? *grins* Totally love it! What say you? Grab it? You better hurry along if you wanna!


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