Friday, June 12, 2009

SPOTTED: Fruity Sensation


Black and white has got to be my favourite combo. I know, so typical, can? But hey, you got to admit that it looks good! *grins* Of course, if you want it in other colours, they have it too!

SPOTTED: Munchy Dunkin Closet

1518 - pic2

And that gypsy blouse. Ahh.. so pretty. Pair it with a gypsy skirt why don’t you? Tee-hee. And those big hoop earrings as well too! Woot! A perfect gypsy outfit there already *grins*

SPOTTED: Fashion Gawkers


Fancy some denim leggings? And they’re bootleg leggings mind you. Available in a whole range of colours, you’d sure wanna get your hands on some alright! I’ve never seen such a wide selection before!



Mini sporty dress with a hoodie! And in sunshine yellow as well too! *grins* I loike it very much, don’t you too? Ahh.. must be the hoodie and handy pockets that got me grinning there

SPOTTED: Love Pieces

<KENOX S760  / Samsung S760>

Yup, another love locket for us babes! Matched with sweet pink beads as well too. Sure is a beauty there, no? Tee-hee. I’ma lovin’ it there already babes! Check out her other new creations!

SPOTTED: Itsy Bitsey


Man, where does she get all those bags from? There are just so many different kinds of all colours, shapes and sizes, can? Tee-hee. Like this one here has got studs and zippers too! Woot!


Your sister in shopping 

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