Friday, June 12, 2009

SPOTTED: Shopaholics Loft *Newbie*

Trench - White

Not your usual conventional trench coat with this one here, can? *grins* And love that whole tulip feature at the hemline as well too *grins* Definitely something classy and stylish to own with this one here, no?

SPOTTED: Shorty’s Cup of Tea


Dual toned goodies and zipper in the mix as well too? How better can this get already babes? Tee-hee. I saw one in pink! Aww.. that sure is a sweet piece there alright! I want it! I want it! Go check it out babes!

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon


More Topshop inspired goodies for you lot! *grins* Something like this for a fraction of the original price? Like how can you not wanna own something like that already?! Woot! Available in classic black as well too!

SPOTTED: Tipsy Gypsy


And this one here is definitely not your average blouse to own! Check out the sleeves on this one here already! Sure is something very futuristic, can? Tee-hee. Looking fab with that high waisted skirt there as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Emily Laurine


Yes, it totally spells out summer time with this one here, no? And yes, that hat there sure does make it look all the more summer-ish, can? Throw on a pair of shades and sandals and be ready to rock and roll babes!

SPOTTED: Beauty Paradise

silverrain 1

And more shoes for those lovely feet as well too *grins* Like we can never get enough of them. After all, shoes are a necessity and also an accessory! How can you live with just a few pairs? *grins* The more the better! You never know when you need ‘em!

SPOTTED: House of Beauty

Dress L6802b

Now there’s an inters thing dress there, no? It’s like the scarf is part of the dress itself! Wow.. this is sure a creative piece and a great way to wear our clothes! I totally would love to own something like this one here already!


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