Thursday, June 25, 2009

SPOTTED: Fs Fashion

A kimono inspired dual toned dress, can? Woot! Now isn’t that just fab babes? I loike it! The combo of the two different deigns that I adore so much! Tee-hee. Go check out what other awesome stuff they’ve got

SPOTTED: The Attire’s Attic

Ooo.. mini dresses once more! And of course, you can always make it a long top as well too, no? *winks* Totally love the buttons there as well too! Woot! Gimme more, more! *giggles*


All colourful dresses and floral prints are totally in babes! Like this one here, should totally be in your wardrobe for this summer season! *grins* The more the better as well too!

SPOTTED: Love Struck *Newbie*

Ahh.. lookie here, more charm bracelets! The amount of charms available sure are interesting there, no? Tee-hee. I really think its amazing how we can have so many different designs all the time!

SPOTTED: Ultimate Dazzle

Ooo.. more skinny jeans! In dark denim as well too! If you want some, then you should totally get the order placed before the sizes run out! *grins* Don’t say I didn’t warn you alright!

SPOTTED: Bunch of Wildflowers

Ahh.. another green dress! Woot! It sure is a refreshing colour to wear our, no? And not only that, it has that cute babydoll look as well too! Tee-hee. That’s just great don’t you think?

SPOTTED: Your Shopping Affair *Newbie*

And here’s another green piece babes! And a toga dress as well too? Looks like its the toga season once more, no? *grins* Better stock up before its all gone! It’s all over the mags so you gotta have it!

SPOTTED: One Desire Store *Newbie*

More bags! And these sling bags sure are handy and as well as looking good, no? They have a huge selection bags for you to choose from, can? So if you need bag, then this is the place to visit! Woot!

SPOTTED: Fab’louz Boutique

More colourful goodies up for grabs babes! And check out the ruffles at the side there as well too! Sure does make a good piece of accessory there, no? *grins* Plus that whole trapeze neckline there is awesome too!


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