Friday, June 26, 2009

SPOTTED: Voguespeak

Look smart, grab a blazer! Not only does it give you the look you want, you also are dressing up in style while keeping warm all at the same time! Now that sure is a fab deal, no? *grins* I’d sure think so babes!

SPOTTED: Brown Sugar Addict

This one here is for the sweet tooth in you! Plenty of ice creams decorate this pretty lil dress here, can? *grins* And what fun! I’d sure like to own something like this one here alright! Woot!

SPOTTED: White Label

They sure have plenty of them kitschy goodies, no? Check out their latest one here! Mixing very well with plenty of colours, which is big this season! Woot! Of course, they’ve got other goodies in store for you too! Check ‘em out!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

Aww.. ain’t that sweet? And not only so, have a closer look and you’ll notice the sweet eyelet details on this one here already! *giggles* Now that’s what I loike about it! What say you?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

Handbag and high heel earrings - Click Image to Close

For the shopaholic in you! *grins* All pink and the details sure are lovely, can? A high heel shoe and a bag! We so cannot do without these alright *winks* Check out what other accessories that totally speel out “YOU!”

SPOTTED: Desi Bags *Newbie*

While we all need bags, there are times we need some accessorizing on them bags as well too, can? And here’s where you can get some! Looking fantabulous and note all the details! Ooo..

SPOTTED: Kaffeelatchshopping

Now these, I have to own a pair! I mean, how can you possibly refuse them? They’re the right colour, height and design all in one! Better place your order before stocks run out babes! *grins*

SPOTTED: Ladies Mall

Just when you thought all the vests were gone, nope! Here are more and spotted with a whole lot of polka dots that’s also another hot item for this season! *grins* Miss wearing them already eh?

SPOTTED: Coco Goddess

Woot! Comfy cardis! And they’re the right length and ribbed to fit you well! Real good deal here especially since it has been raining a fair bit round the evenings, no? Get some while stocks last babes!


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