Monday, June 22, 2009

SPOTTED: Kawaii Yakuza

See, what did I tell ya about them polka dots?! *grins* They’re everywhere and the classic black and white is still the very best among all, can? *grins* I’d sure think so babes!

SPOTTED: Shopping Playground

Ahh.. them studded belts s’more! Well, well, like how many variations of these have we seen already? And yet they’re all still looking pretty awesome, no? *grins* I loike it!

SPOTTED: The Stylish Bunny

Woot! This one here was spotted in the mags, and here we have it! Looking mighty fancy with them ruffles round the neckline there, don’t you think so? Tee-hee. And looks good for both work and play!

SPOTTED: Your One Stop Boutique *Newbie*

Love them watches? Now you can get ‘em at a discounted rate, because they’re handpicked and shipped in from over the seas! Woot! All the big brands, all the fancy designs! I loike it!

SPOTTED: Veritas

Ahh.. we sure don’t get enough of them stone washed goodies, can? And now we have them three buttons there as well too, making it all the better! Hurry to get yours before they run out of sizes babes!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

And it definitely has been a while since we saw them cardis, no? Something sweet like this sure is for keepers! After all, we need them at some point in time, no matter how hot the weather may get here

SPOTTED: Yunique Paradise

Looking familiar there babes? This one here is totally inspired by none other than Louboutin! Love those shoes, no? Simple peep toe with some blings. Elegant, chic, a must have already, I’d say  *winks*

SPOTTED: Inside Out *Newbie*

And of course, if you’ve got way too many heels and are in need of some sandals, here you go! Simple really, but sure does look comfy there, can? And that’s exactly what we’re looking for!

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Another real sweet piece with ‘em prints like so, no? Tee-hee. Really reminds me of them tea parties somehow, don’t you agree? Like they are adorable, dainty, pleasant, all things pretty!


This one here? Totally reminds me of Lady Gaga for some reason. All the funky styles babes, and now you can have your own as well too! Woot! Try it, wear it, make it your look babes! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

Even tube tops are in dual toned these days, can? Woot! Not too much, but just enough for you to notice it *grins* Like why wouldn’t you wanna have it already, no? Go check out the other colour combo they have!


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