Monday, June 22, 2009

SPOTTED: Oops Treat

We’ve seen these as dresses a plenty and now they have it shorter as well too! A babydoll top there, eh? Looking just as good as them dresses! Now we can pair it with leggings and such, no?

SPOTTED: Impulse Grabber

Oh yea, wild prints s’more! They’re really hitting us on every apparel available, can? And that sure is one awesome deal because we can never get tired of them wild prints! Woot!

SPOTTED: The Shoe Cupboard

Not only are they awesome, they come in real fab colours as well too! Like fancy a pair of gold ballet flats there already! Tee-hee. Sure is something you’d wanna own alright! Stand out in the crowd!

SPOTTED: The It Girl

Zippers, s’more! Man, these here sure are getting more and more unique, can? I mean, just as we thought all zippers are going down vertically, they bring you some horizontally!

SPOTTED: Dusty Lace


Woot! Dual toned dresses yet once more! But wait, these here aren’t the usual, because you so gotta check out that sexy back they’ve got there alright! Go and have a look see for yourself babes!

SPOTTED: Emily Laurine

Ahh.. floral pretty beauties and they come in a babydoll spag like that, how can you resist this? *grins* And plus, we sure do love ‘em prints and perfect for the hot weather we’ve got here!

SPOTTED: Jade Style

And of course, them cowl neck goodies! And not only so, these here are on sale! Woot! Hurry to grab your loot before it’s all gone babes! Like I got my eye on some of the pieces there already!


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