Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SPOTTED: Little Mizz Petite

Mizz Floral Beauty Corset

Hey there, it isn’t everyday that we see a floral print corset, can? Especially one with such sweet colours *grins* Sure love it! After all, you don’t need lace and ribbons to make a corset look sexy *winks*

SPOTTED: Kim Dresses


And they’re back with even more maxi dresses! Oh my! This is by far the e-shop that carries the most designs for maxi dresses, can? Woot! Plain ones, printed ones, every kind possible just for you!

SPOTTED: Tasty Cherry Chapstick


They’re back and they’re back with even Gucci inspired clutches, can? *grins* So the fashionista! They’ve got great colours for it as well too. Been a while since I’ve seen these other than the usual black and white or even tan coloured ones alright!

SPOTTED: Tinkerbelle


Ahh.. simple and easy is the way to go babes! Something like that is sure good for both work and play! That’s what we love most, no? And if you like, you can always cinch it up or pair it with some leggings too!



More Coach goodies! They’re ready stock so you don’t have to wait, can? Woot! Now we all can have our Coach bag! Tee-hee. Available in other colours as well too! Grab ‘em while stocks last!

SPOTTED: Moi Closette


And for the Chanel inspired clutch? How can you not want to own one? *grins* Especially when it’s the latest craze and for such an affordable price as well too! Woot! It’s a must have babes! Hurry!

SPOTTED: Ring-A-Bling! *Newbie*


Woot! Yet another great piece with wild prints! And it’s going only for rm39, can? Something like this sure is worth the price alright! I loike it! A simple dual toned match with prints is simply awesome!

SPOTTED: Ladies in the House

2nd update for june 110

And for daddy dear, a tie sure is a perfect gift, no? *winks* Or you could always give this to the boyfriend too. Tee-hee. Come on, bring more goodies for the men! Woot! The more the better so they can join us to shop *grins*

SPOTTED: House of Beauty

Jumpsuit Y8853

Oh yea, more high waisted shorts! And it almost looked like a pinafore to me there with the straps, can? The best part of it all is that it’s denim and sure has got that awesome country chic look! Woot!


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