Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SPOTTED: Princess Feverlicious


Aww.. how sweet of her to bring all these goodies from over the seas! I’m crazy for scent, can? Tee-hee. Especially when they come in cute looking bottles like this one here. How could I resist it?



Woot! More gladiators for show! And they’re looking smashin’ especially that pink pair over there, can? *grins* Plus, with that zipper in this time of zipper craze, this one here sure is a good pair to keep!

SPOTTED: Stylisters


Woot! rm19 per tee! Are we lovin’ the prices on these goodies, or what? And they’ve got my favourite vat, Sylvester there as well too! Tee-hee. Plenty of Ed Hardy goodies on the shelf!

SPOTTED: Red Lips Closet

Blushing Nudes

Ahh.. simple bags in the shade of nude. One of the best colours for bags out there, it’s sure to match every piece of clothing you own if not any piece *winks* Don’t you think so too babes?

SPOTTED: Sheri Shopie

square bangles

Bangles galore! They’ve got so many you really are gonna find it hard to choose, can? Shiny ones, wooden ones, thin ones, fat ones, all kinds I tell you! You so gotta check it out for yourself!

SPOTTED: Simply Alluring


And check out that retro swirls! Woot! In classic black and white to make it look fantabulous! And it has that low, low, low neckline there as well too *grins* Dare you go for it? *winks*

SPOTTED: Soak Republic


Not to be missed are their awesome love lockets! Complete with stars and keys to match it as well too, can? Woot! I’d sure like to have one of these. While stocks last babes! Better hurry along now!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story


Bunnies! *giggles* Did I ever tell you I totally adore bunnies? They’re so cute and fluffy and white! Well, not all of them are white but most of them are *grins* And now we can have them as accessories too!

SPOTTED:  My Favourite Tees


Ahh.. this is so true! A real awesome statement tee I would say, especially for students striving and burning midnight oil just for that assignment! I just love them quirky statement tees!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl


And more awesome goodies from ‘em! This time round with a paper bag polka dotted skirt! Sure is something gorgeous to own, don’t you think? Very mod, very chic, very wanted! Woot!


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