Sunday, June 28, 2009

SPOTTED: Midnight Carnivale

This one here may seem like any ordinary dress but notice how it’s layered at the bottom which is perfect when it comes to salsa-ing, can? *grins* I’d sure like to have one to dance with alright! Woot!

SPOTTED: Colour Me Pretty

Them tulip neckline there sure is a famous one, no? Even when the dress is in plain colours, it still does stand out! Tee-hee. I love the little ruffles it’s got there as well too! Woot! A sweet lovely piece this one is

SPOTTED: Veritas

Yup, more vests! Told ya they’re making a come back alright! And for those who have bought them and stopped wearing ‘em, now’s the time to dig them up and be the “in” crowd once more!

SPOTTED: Handmade Goodies

Lookie here, we’ve got more of them bookmarks, can? Ooo.. so pretty! Always been meaning to get one for myself as I’m always, always losing them bookmarks. Tee-hee. Now there are so many choices to choose from! I loike!

SPOTTED: The Shoe Cupboard

Woot! I loike this one here! There’s always something about them silver heels which gets me all excited, can? Tee-hee. Especially when they come in this height like this one here. Me loike!

SPOTTED: Fashionholicgal *Newbie*

Rompers, pantsuits, whatchamacallit, these are all the rage! Style it the way you loike it and you can be wearing the same piece all the time and make it look like tons of new outfits! What fun!

SPOTTED: Cool Crocs

And here’s more from Crocs! To think they only produced one design, think again! They sure are looking pretty awesome as ballet flats, can? *grins* I sure would love a pink pair like this one here too! Woot!


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