Sunday, June 28, 2009

SPOTTED: Love Struck

Plenty of key rings inspired by none other than the big brands, can? *grins* And they sure are looking good. What’s more, the more you purchase, the more you save! Woot! What a great deal!

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

Here’s another great deal for them accessories, can? *grins* What say you? Grab some? After all, the bigger, the better when it comes to designs such as these, no? Tee-hee


Some Gucci inspired heels there, can? Woot! Look at them go! You sure wanna own some and slip your feet into these alright. Well, if you’re planning to do so, do hurry while they’ve got your size!

SPOTTED: Sexylicious

Cinchers, cinchers, how many have you got babes? I’ve lost count of how many I own and how many I wanna own *shy* Tee-hee. Especially when we’ve got so many dresses and tops to match them with, can?

SPOTTED: Trend Reports

Denim shorts are totally hot! They’re everywhere now and hey, why not get some before they run out of stock? They have this high waisted one and also some that are shorter and hotter as well too! *winks*

SPOTTED: Summer Cool Fashion *Newbie*

Of course, what else beats the hot shorts but a mini like this one here? Tee-hee. And looks like having thee buttons instead of the usual one is the new trend as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: My Clothes Affair

More mini skirts and they’re the stonewashed type too! Oh my, we sure love to own one of these, or perhaps both? *winks* You know you want ‘em babes! Tee-hee. Because I do!

SPOTTED: Project Trippy *Newbie*

Don’t forget the zippers as well too babes! And matched with electric blue? How could you possibly say no to that right babes? Tee-hee. Bring more zippers for us babes! We loike ‘em s’much!

SPOTTED: Tipsy Gypsy

Ahh.. cropped and checkered, and check out the sleeves there alright! Haven’t seen any cropped jackets in a while and this one here’s one of the best I’ve seen around for all times alright! Woot!


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