Monday, June 15, 2009

SPOTTED: My Kedai Runcit


Ain’t that such a cute tee? I totally wouldn’t mind having something like that alright. And of course, this isn’t the only one that they’ve got too. Go check out others *winks* Totally awesome tees to own!

SPOTTED: More More Clothes

r9660 pink

Checkered goodies s’more! And note the layers at the hemline there as well too, can? Good ‘ol classic checks looking good in this one here alright@! Woot! I loike it!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics


And this one here’s not your usual long sleeve blouse there, can? Check out those lantern sleeves there already! And totally perfect for layering as well too! *grins* What say you?

SPOTTED: Absolute Secretz


Ahh.. this simple piece here sure is something. Isn’t it inspired by like one of the big brands or something like that? *grins* And not to have it for a fraction of that price! That sure is an awesome find, can?

SPOTTED:  Hermosa Fashion *Newbie*


It isn’t exactly a cowl neck top, but sure is something similar with plenty layers to follow. And I almost thought this was a mini dress, can? Tee-hee. Or it can be, for the petite babes!

SPOTTED: Ring-A-Bling!


Ahoy, mates! Yup, this is the theme for this piece! And look closer you’ll notice they got a badge/button with a symbol for the sailor babes too! Tee-hee. Are you up for it? *winks*

SPOTTED: Dress It Hawt


And of course, summer dresses look good like this as well too! Tee-hee. Floral goodies all around for this season babes! Oh, they bring in their goodies from all over the place too, so the chances of clashing is almost zero!

SPOTTED: Excentrique *Newbie*


And didn’t we see something like this with checks back then? Now we got ‘em plain too! *grins* Looking good there already, no? I’ma lovin’ it because I totally missed out on the checkered ones!

SPOTTED: Hide & Chic


Looks like a trench somewhat but also a dress at the same time, can? Which shall it be babes? Either way, it’s got that smart chic look which you totally don’t wanna do without, can?



And the fave of all time has got to be that Hepburn LBD! This one here’s looking real close to it, can? And.. if you’ve got those white gloves to match it, that would be purr-fect! Woot!


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