Monday, June 15, 2009

SPOTTED: Beads Garden Fashion *Nebwie*


It sure is cute to see buttons becoming part of our accessories, can? A whole new range of button earrings up for grabs! Or why not DIY some of ‘em yourselves too! Look for those loose buttons and turn them into accessories!

SPOTTED: Seriously Serious *Newbie*

new arrival

Check out those funky-licious tank top designs there already babes! *grins* Sure is looking good there, no? I totally loike the one in the middle there! Like, note the pun!

SPOTTED: Jujuwiwitata’s


Ahh.. of course, we don’t always wear mini skirts. Sometimes we want them a little long as well too, no? And this one here sure does the job alright *grins* Don’t you think so too?

SPOTTED: Bella Vestiti


For the love of lace, this one here sure does the job right! Especially when it comes in white! *grins* Sure does look pretty awesome, can? I love the details on it! don’t you agree?



And here’s another piece that you wanna get, that vintage look with them floral designs sure is something, can? Not everyone can carry this look so if this is calling your name, better grab it already!

SPOTTED: Fashionista Shoppe


And that biker jacket? Man, sure is hard to find one like it, no? And for such a great price as well too! Sure don’t wanna miss out  on it! It always sells like hot cakes, so you’ve been warned babes!

SPOTTED: Buttons & Biscotti


Of course, to end it with the school girl look! Tee-hee. Nothing beats this one alright. Note the V-neckline and those awesome buttons there. Not the usual kinda pinafore for us eh?


Your sister in shopping

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