Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SPOTTED: Simpli-cious

One year ago, everyone was wearing them and I missed out on so many because the sizes ran out like super fast, can? And I thought I’d never see them again but there they are! Woot!

SPOTTED: The Bead Pot

Little ringlets to make up a choker! Aww.. ain’t that just sweet? For more accessories like these here that would make the perfect match for that LBD, you’d gotta pay them a visit!

SPOTTED: Style Influx

Check out that leopard print, varsity-like jacket inspired by none other than Gossip Girl of course *winks* If you wanna, you gotta hurry! Goodies like these don’t stay on the shelf for long, can?

SPOTTED: Colour Urself *Newbie*

Floral goodies aren’t just on skirts and dresses! They can be found on blouses like this one here as well too, can? Woot! Looking all ready for the summer time aren’t we now babes?


Cute little eyelets are back in the game babes! With blouses like these here, you sure cannot just let it pass! After all, it’s not everyday that we see ‘em alright! Woot! Get some already!

SPOTTED: Myra’s Spree

Polka dots once more! And aww.. aren’t they sweet to be in this shade babes? I’d sure love to have one myself too! Instead of the usual black and white. Tee-hee. Don’t you think so too babebs?

SPOTTED: The Twinz

And on to more headbands! You can’t miss out on these ones babes. Complete with butterflies to add on to that headgear, there’s no reason why you don’t wanna have one already babes!

SPOTTED: C-Stylish

Ooo.. one of my fav perfume brands and scent babes! What say you? When you can get them for a price that’s below what we find at the malls, this is a deal we cannot resist babes!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

And for them three toned dresses, here are more! Woot! I sure do love them. There’s something about them simple colours matched together that makes them look fantabulous!


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