Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SPOTTED: Office Doll

More exposed zippers babes! And this time it ain’t at the front but at the back instead! Tee-hee. Ain’t that awesome? And there’s only one so if this is yours then you so need to hurry along babes!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Quilted bags s’more! And to think we’d never see them again alright *grins* Here they are! All quilted and in white, looking real classy there already, no? *winks* I’d sure think so!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Ooo.. check out that jacket there babe! With the whole zipper and acid wash effect, how can you not wanna own it? Especially when you wanna keep up with the trends, then this is a must have babes!

SPOTTED: Twinkle Collection

Tous goodies! Tee-hee. Sure has been a while since I last saw something like these, can? And why wouldn’t we want more when they are available for a fraction of the original price and looks just as good!


Spot the butterflies flutter by with this one here! Tee-hee. And check out the pretty polymer clay flowers that come along with it as well too babes! So pretty ain’t it? This is just one of the many designs!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

And studs galore with this one here babes! On a simple handbag like this one here, you’d sure wanna own one alright! Plus, it’s got the latest trend but at the same time it’s versatile to fit any scene!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

Ooo.. all black and lacey sure makes this piece ever so sexy, can? Tee-hee. I for one sure think so event though I love white so much! Plus, make this your LBD why don’t you? You’re sure to stand out in the crowd alright!


And this one would do real fab as your new LBD as well too with them studs there, no? *winks* What say you? I’d think its fab and a very daring piece to own as well too babes! Woot!


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