Monday, June 8, 2009

SPOTTED: SuperRolling


Check out those ribbon sling backs there babes. Sure is gorgeous. Especially when we hardly get to see them shoes in purple too. Tee-hee. I totally wouldn’t mind having them! *grins* I’m turning into a shoe lover!



Btw, did you notice that they’re having sales? *grins* And everything is going for such an affordable price it’s almost unbelievable. Better take this opportunity to grab all these goodies while stocks last!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story


Hoot Hoot! Tee-hee. Owls sure remind me of Harry Potter. And Harry Potter sure reminds me of the movie that is to be released real soon! Oo.. I can’t wait! Am a huge, number #1 Potter fan, can?

SPOTTED:  Simpli-cious


Now, now, leopard prints and zebra stripes we’ve seen plenty. But when it comes to something like this, ahh.. I’ve only seen this once actually. Which makes this the 2nd time. I’d love a moo-moo bag anytime alright *grins*

SPOTTED: Electric Lady Land


Yay! Another tee! And this one here’s going for only rm22! Woot! Sure is a good buy especially when you got that polar bear looking like that surrounded by all beautiful colours, no? *winks* I loike it!

SPOTTED: Oops Treat

vest 2

At first glance, I thought it was a pinafore, can? Only to notice it’s a two piece. Yes, two piece. The blouse is attached to the vest and that sleek black skirt there? They’re totally selling it as well too!

SPOTTED: Scarlet Garments


And hey there Coco Chanel inspired bag! You’re sure making a name in 2009! I’ve been seeing Chanel inspired goodies all the way since the end of last year, can? Woot! I’ma loving it!

SPOTTED: C-Stylish


I’ve never tried this one here but I sure do love the bottle. Tee-hee. There’s something about fairies that really catches my eyes, can? *grins* Looking totally adorable there and oh, I just wanna try it already!


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