Monday, June 15, 2009


V 309-J66 Blue

Now shoes can come in dual toned as well too, can? Tee-hee. Like this one here, note the denim there and pink! A great combo there, no? *grins* Sure is looking fantabulous already!

SPOTTED: Prettie Simple

9429 (3)

And more dual toned goodies babes! Aren’t you loving it? A white top and a pink skirt and oh, don’t forget the sash there to complement the whole outfit there now *grins* Sure is looking great, no? Very sweet too

SPOTTED: A Model Studio


Fancy some shorts? This one here’s totally exclusive, can? Not your average cotton but some Thai silk! Woot! Like why wouldn’t you want a pair again? Tee-hee. This is a must have and totally limited in number as well too!

SPOTTED: The It Girl


Dual toned goodies with art work are fantastic! Especially when they come in black and white like this one here. I totally am digging goodies like these alright. They’re for keepers! Like me! *winks*


My Fair Lady 02

Woot! More bookmarks up for grabs! Tee-hee. Are you like loving it already or what? Names the fair lady series, this one here is everything and anything all dainty and lady-like!



Ahh.. here’s a new trend for the pinafores, sorta kinda. Not sure what the terminology is for the clothes anymore as they all seem to be a mix of so many elements! But hey, that’s great news, no?

SPOTTED: Little McQueen


Woot! More dual toned goodies! Well, technically there are three tones but you get my drift babes. Tee-hee. Better hurry if you want some alright? These goodies always get sold out so fast!

SPOTTED: The Owl Sisters


And more dual toned goodies, not the conventional way, but it’ll do too *winks* Something like this one here, you’d definitely won’t find clashes as all their goods are imported from Bandung!


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