Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More to come, more to come!

So many new e-shops, so little time! oh my! Competition! Spoilt for choice! Squeals!

SPOTTED: Berry Blossom

Jewellery junkies, here is your fancy!

Another stop to check out more of 'em goodies for you to adorn on along with all your gorgeous attires. Take this piece and match it with any simple top, be it casual or formal. You know how accessories work like magic, voila! A brand new look! *winks*


Uber versatile tube dress that works as a tube dress AND a maxi skirt as well! Plus the details at the hemline? Totally awesome can? *giggles* something plain, but not quite just yet *giggles* now that's something we all wanna own, no?

SPOTTED: Dress Cube

Looking a yummy-licious dinner dress? Looking for one that will cause head to turns while you step down that aisle to head to receive that honorary award? *grins Then this might just be the one for you! Not only is it sexy, halter dress like duh! But the colour? Oh-so-gorgeous-can? *grins* totally screams attention already!

SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

I was like so thinking, they summer season and like it's all about bikinis, summer dresses and of course you cannot miss out on the bags! And this one? Like so fits the season, can? *grins* Totally dig the whole weave-like motif they got there. Plus, the sixe? Perfect! Just what we need to stuff everything we need when we step out of the house! *grins*

SPOTTED: Embellish me

That's right. And what do they have here? A sweet pinafore-like top/mini dress with 'em polka dots, lace and a huge ribbon at the front? Totally awesome, can? *giggles* Like so cute dot com. Wear this as one piece or add on a puffy sleeved top on the inside to match it together! either way, it looks fab!

SPOTTED: I've got cool stuff

More pixel art for y'all ladies! I guess more and more people are like pouring out their creative juices and putting them into work of art as we see more designs popping up all the time! here is one of the classic Game Boy we all used to love, long before the whole PSP and Nintendo DS Lite. Kids these days, lucky them. Take a stroll down memory with this one and make it an accessory! Woot!


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