Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Go crazy with ‘em prints!

This is so the season to be wild with prints can? *winks*

SPOTTED: .Stop.Shop.Splurge.

They're back with more prints, more than before! And this time, it's splashed retro style all over a sweet lovely tube dress, can? *grins* OMG, totally *heart* the design and all. Like they have it in inversed colours as well? *squeals* yummy-licious this one, bag it quick! Wouldn't want someone else to have their hands on it first, no?

SPOTTED: Clothesbucket

This babe, affordable and nevertheless trendy! What more could you ask for? And she brings more flower power into this summer season's clothes like this one here! And on top of it, it is even paired up with colourful circles. Colours and flowers? Awesome combo for summer!

SPOTTED: Frozen Petalz

First we had the skulls adorned all over our tops. Now we have anchors. It's awesome how something so simple can like be made into some oh-so-gorgeous designs like this, no? *giggles* Like totally! We still do love simplicity, can? *winks* I do!

SPOTTED: Rainbowmallows

Or fancy some geometrical prints on your dress? Opt for this one. Simple but nevertheless paired up with funky-licious design that you sure do not want to miss out on alright! A mini halter dress? A mini tube dress? Wear it as you like it babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions

Summer! Summer and floral so go together, can? *giggles* Like totally, what more with a bright shade of orange to back it up with. Like I realised yellow and orange are like so the IN thing now, no? These two citrus colours seem to be the new black now! *giggles* You know what to do babes, stock up!


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