Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

And there she brings, another maxi dress! Woot! And one with 'em floral prints too! Awesome, can? like how can we resist something so gorgeous?? *giggles* Realised like all the maxi dresses are like halter style? And this one sure is, plus the whole combo of using two colours only? FAB!


Gingham dress galore! Like we see this almost everyday, can? and this one here has a bow which is totally up to you to tie it. Front? Back? Side? Your choice *grins* That's what we like don't we? Something for us to play around with making the outfit different everytime we wear it!

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

And they're back once again. Bringing us those uber stylish trench coats! Is it me, or does this shade of orange looks so gorgeous on a trench coat? *grins* I mean like, gives an extra something to the whole coat, no? *winks* plus, not a common colour, can? so wear it and be different!

SPOTTED: Pierced Art

More belly piercing accessories are up for sale! Like this one here? Make it yours today! Totally love, no, *HEART* the charms they use for it. Plus I heard, that they are gonna be updating through out the whole week! Stocks just arrived all the way from the States! Woot! Stay tuned to their site for more awesome goodies! *winks*


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