Sunday, July 27, 2008

SPOTTED: Oozora.Tang

Is it bikini season or what? Oh yes, it is alright! And look who managed to get some uber gorgeous ones for us!

And they even come in the season's hottest prints! Stripes and floral too! *grins* Now, how about that babes for a bikini? Don't be plain Jane for one day, brighten your day up with these colours and prints!

SPOTTED: Doggy Duty

And how about some accessories to go with that? I don't know why but I keep going on about 'em keys and hearts but they sure look good and of course carries meaning too *winks*

SPOTTED: Myra's Online Boutique

And there she is at it again! Bringing you goodies that are at such an affordable price! This time you get dresses! *grins* plus they come in the basic colours too, so versatile, can?

SPOTTED: Wearever U like

Like it can't get any more colourful than this? Then you gotta check out this skirt alright. Something simple with tons of colours. And I bet 'cha it'll look good with a plain white tee, no> *winks*


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