Sunday, August 31, 2008

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

Your not so usual pencil skirt, and is that a little tulip feature I see there too? *grins* That's right. Plus they even got this ribbon sash there to make it more feminie and less formal too!

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

And they bring in more cinchers for y'all ladies who have yet to add some more to your collection! The red sure looks yummy, no? And it isn't restockable! Darn! Restockable in other colours thiugh, so chop, chop and place your orders now!

SPOTTED: Wears and What Nots

Some people absolutely adore the high waisted shorts while the rest of us go for those that hang on our hips. Like these here! The best part is they got these two rows of buttons that make it extra cute and its cuffed too!

SPOTTED: Hugs and Jellyfishes

BF shirt? Mini dress? Vintage piece? I don't even know what to call these anymore, all I know that they're oversized, and they are so the new fashion statement of the year, can? Apart from the gladiators that is *winks*

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

And as usual, an end with accessories *giggles* They have it now, here with more earrings than before to add on to your collection! Woot! They are long, and dangly and somewhat sparkly, just the right ones to get the attention focused to your ears, no? *winks*


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