Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Ooo.. this is one adorable cropped jacket, no? The little cute cap sleeves and the Peter Pan collar and on top of that the buttons in the middle! *giggles* Totally reminds me of a character but for the life of me, the name isn't coming to me!

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

How great is your love for kimono inspired tops? Especially those with an oriental touch to it too! If you missed out previously, then you can have a go at it again. Wide sleeves and neckline for you to pair it with something totally sexy-licious on the inside *winks*

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

How do you like a simple tee? You know, just a real simple design kinda thing? Well, we got 'em here *grins* For an affordable price, this might be like your next fav tee, can? *winks* Go vintage la..

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

Another two toned dress! I tell ya, they are everywhere! And this one has a little, wait, two little cutesy ribbons to accompany it too! Tee-hee. Adorable, can? Oh what's a little additional design, can? More reasons to make a purchase that's what!

SPOTTED: Cheesecloth Closet

Ooo.. not goodies from the land down under but from Canada! Is there another name from 'em? I really dunno. Anyways, she got us those lacey tops! And this one is from Urban Heritage. Something different for us babes here, no?


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