Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Joan Bead Shop

Now would you look at that awesome design of the earrings! That's like so cool can? Like all swirly and stuff on a hook earring? Woot! That's something unique and awesome! Not only that, they are priced awesomely as well!

SPOTTED: Kyo Fashion

Hey look who else is doing pixel art! Tee-hee. And what's best about it is that you can work those creative juices and come up with whatever funky designs you want! Like this one here? Does it represent you already?

SPOTTED: Crazy Sunday Closet

Who said there aren't enough skirts again? Tee-hee. This one here is not high waisted but definitely following the design alright! With the two rows of buttons and the belt, this is the one for y'all who don't go high waisted!

SPOTTED: Marshmallow

Hey look who's back! I was thinking oh my, where did she go to? And now she's back with more and with the ever so wanted toga tops too! Woot! What an array of colours this one is, no? *winks*

And... look what else we got!


Like omg, did I tell you I absolutely adore lilies? Like white lilies? Ok, ok.. anyways this isn't about me

SPOTTED: Blooming SweetDesign

They have branched out to not accessories as an extension but to flowers! They do bouquets like this one here, baskets and even congratulatory stands! Like your typical floral shop. So go check it out!


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