Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ok, accessories time!

SPOTTED: daughters by Doreen Tan

I think its awesome that they are offering the goodies at such a fab price online just for us! Like these pair of earrings here? They are totally cute can? Can't tell as much from the photos but hey, they are gold sparkles on 'em!


Ooo.. another gorgeous one this is! blooming flowers with a little cute rose to add the edge to this one. And you know what? I totally dig brass goodies now! They look so awesome and are good matches with like, everything?*giggles*

SPOTTED: Jasz's Jewelry Box

Yet another key chain or well looks more like a bag charm to me! But hey, express your creativity with the way you use this one alright? Love charm, glass beads and Swarovski all blended to make this beauty here just for you! Woot!

SPOTTED: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

Named the flower girl and sporting a rainbow of bright happy colours, this one sure deserves a place on your wrist alright *giggles* and oh.. the flower bead? Is uber adorable! Tee-hee


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