Sunday, September 7, 2008

E-shop of the week: Lovely Lolitas

Still looking for that maxi dress? Then hey, you may just have hit the right spot on this one, tube maxi dresses! All abstract designs too mind you, and they are looking fantabulous, no? *winks* Pity me is a shortie, so can't go well with maxi.

Or hey, that sexy halter in red sure looks good too *winks* this is another part halter, part accessory piece and it looks gorgeous. Oh, oh, and you know what would look good with that? Hot black shorts. Mm.. like this pair right here!

Or do you fancy some sexy dresses? Like these, intertwine? I likey! Or even tube dresses!! Tee-hee. Every girl has to have tube dresses and intertwine, they are like necessities can?

And... if you're worried about the chills or showing off too much skin, fret not because they have this to make up for it! Ooo.. just the perfect thing, no? *grins*

And.. we so cannot miss out on two toned dresses! Everyone loves a two toned dress, no? *winks* Yes! I want one too and last but not least, chiffon to give you the flow as you move along...


Your sister in shopping

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