Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SPOTTED: Eve's Closet *Newbie*

She kicks off with a sexy toga dress, one that oh my, was spotted on Carrie Underwood?! Woot! Awesome babes, now you can dress like a celebrity! And this shade sure looks fab!

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

Another braided top? Ahh.. the return of the Greeks maybe? This sure is one unique dress, no? It's like a single strap, but not quite the toga and hide the strap to make it into a tube dress!

SPOTTED: Buckle Buckle

Another high waisted skirt! OMG, it's in purple too? *grins* What a fab colour! Plus they totally have like the tulip feature at the waistline too, no? Makes it oh-so-lovely, can? And if you don't think purple is your thing, there's always black too!

SPOTTED: Superroling To You

For you lot who have been searching high and low for cinchers, voila! Here' are some real awesome selections for you! Wouldn't wanna miss out now would we? You never know, some of these may just be really the last pieces!

SPOTTED: Bobobelly

Ahh.. if it isn't the return of the corset top. With a cute little bow too, mind you. Tee-hee. How cute is that? something sexy and cute paired together like that. I loike it, do you? *winks*

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

A cowl neck top with a super sexy back, can? I mean like whoa.. dare you bare it babes? Or else, no worries! It comes with a free tube too, so you can just wear it out and proud already! *grins*


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