Thursday, November 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Simply Alluring

Dual toned goodies, me likey! They are ever so versatile, and best part is you get a whole outfit with a great contrast to it! *grins* totally love it and the best part is? The belt is totally attached as well! Simple outfit ready to wear!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

More stain handkerchief dresses! Though it may not be a maxi dress like the one everyone wanted and was SOLD OUT! *grrr..* but, this one here looks just as good and in fact even more sexy that it isn't a maxi! One piece only! Snatch it before someone else does!

SPOTTED: Michatoo

Those who missed out on this, guess what? They are totally restocking! And you have to make the full payment by tonight though. Eeks, pardon me for the late notice but hey, it's still early time before it hits tmr, no?

SPOTTED: Brown Sugar Addict

Stripey mania! And they aren't just on hoodies, they are even on dresses! *giggles* Totally looking good there, especially since the lines and ever so fine and colourful as well! *grins* Hmm.. reminds me of one of the native dresses though


And you totally cannot get enough od them check designs can you? Especially when it looks this good? *giggles* Totally *heart* it, can? Last piece only, grab it now! It looks just perfect for the Christmas season don't you think?

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

And where else would you get more plaids but here? And with one as a tube dress as well? *giggles* I'd say it's a taker! Woot! gone are the days when the plain goodies are the "IN" thing eh? Get your plaids collection and expand it!

SPOTTED: Minipose

Striped and looking good in this one! *grins* I think this is like the best description of what fits as semi formal isn't it? Something you can totally wear for casual days and hey, looks good for the workplace as well, no?


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