Sunday, January 4, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Doublewoot

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

This e-shop needs no further introduction with them always bringing goodies all the way from Penang and occasionally making appearances in KL, you totally go woot woot! when you see their goodies, no? *winks*

If you like the whole V-neck, sorta kimono-like thing, there they have it for you! With floral patterns adorned all over, very striking against a dark background, have your choice of a mini or even a maxi dress!

And.. if you like 'em plain, they even got something knitted just for you! Of course that isn't the only knitted piece they got, they got one in black and white as well too! *giggles*

Still not your kinda thing eh? Oh alright, they have another kimono top/dress that is with chiffon and it comes with the inner piece as well! Now how about that? *winks*

Moving on to more sophisticated pieces, how about one with the Peter Pan collar there? Looking cute and totally smart already, no? Or would you rather something with a little longer sleeves and a turtleneck? These pieces are good for both work and play!

And something we totally do not see enough, are skirts! It's limited edition and also limited in the availability! If long skirts are like so your thing, then you better get your hands on this one quick already!

Not to forget that toga dress! Not your usual toga dress alright and definitely something you should own! Woot! And another keeper would be this tiered dress here, perfect for parties, no? You'd be sure not to be caught wearing the same dress with anyone else!

Plenty more in store for you, so don't wait! Hurry along and hop on over to Doublewoot now!


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