Saturday, January 3, 2009

SPOTTED: Merry Goes Round *Newbie*

Are you a fan of Agnes B. goodies? Now you can pre-order the clutches, cardholders and more! They look uber cute as well especially the coin bags! Go on, have a look see already!

SPOTTED: Lolipop Love

More faux leather fringe bags for you ladies? Here you go! They have restocked and it is selling as fast as before! So you better hurry and book yourself a piece before it's gone again!

SPOTTED: Emmy Cubic

This LBD is something different isn't it? With the three flowers there, it makes this LBD so cute already! And of course if you have way too many black dresses, they have one in purple as well!

SPOTTED: Lollipop Wardrobe

Aside from the classic black dresses, you so have to have the pink dresses as well, no? *giggles* I mean, there are days where we wanna be all girly girl and this is so the right dress for it!

SPOTTED: Miss Lola's Closet

This ain't your usual ruffle top alright. It may look like so from the front, but check out the back, it is totally sheer and sexy-licious there already! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Attire's Attic

More of these goodies are available for you! Love the simple colours and designs and they're real comfy as well too! cinch it up and voila! Ready to go babes!

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

High waisted skirts and shorts we have a plenty but have you seen a high waisted long pants? Ahh.. that is something different now isn't it? And that's what we like!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

What's awesome for a hot sunny day? Something like this definitely! *grins* And we now have these cuties on earring studs for us! Woot! We loike it!


Checked skinnies? Man, I thought they were totally sold out! But guess again! There are more! Better place an order now, you do not wanna miss out on this again!


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