Saturday, January 3, 2009

SPOTTED: Arena of Clothes *Newbie*

Checkered vests, anyone? Flip it over to wear a classic all black vest or maintain this colourful checks for a happy, happy day! Totally versatile in this, no?

SPOTTED: House of Beauty *Newbie*

Leopard print goodies, here are more for you! Rawr! *giggles* You like the prints wild, don't you? Then have a go at this one here already babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Some stainless steel goodies for the sweet and macho boyfriend! Now, they wouldn't feel so left out anymore, eh? Tee-hee. Plus, they totally deserve pressies for being such sweethearts, no?

SPOTTED: Wears and Whatnots

This ain't no average tank top with the ruffles and the colours playing around there, no? Plus this would be a great change from the usual anyways! *grins*


Tired of strutting around in heels? The opt for some flats as she brings in more shoes! Plenty of flats for you ladies and they're all in the classic black and white theme too!

SPOTTED: Drestres

A watercolour palette for you there babes! Very sexy-licious as well no? Tee-hee. And not only so, this is a well known brand as well too! Nothing ordinary about it there!


Your sister in shopping

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