Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to get a free tee?

Now y'all know that ASD is turning a year old in May, but what is the exact date? Hint, it isn't on the day of the B'day Bash alright! So, now that I have 30 tees in hand and if you wanna get your chance at taking one home, follow the steps below! Easy peasey!

Step 1: Name me the exact date when ASD was birth (A little googling might just help *winks*)

Step 2: Hunt me down on the day of the event and tell me that date!

So simple, can? *grins* Plus, the place ain't all that huge

Come on, you're bound to know who's behind ASD after so long, no? *winks*

See you there!

Oh btw, first 30 only yea. So hurry! While I still have the tees *grins*


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