Sunday, May 3, 2009

SPOTTED: Dovey Lovey

Get the dress, cincher and bag for a total of less than rm100 can? isn't that such a great bargain babes?! Woot! You definitely want more from where that came from alright!


Check out those cinchers there already babes! Woot! Like totally the way to go with 'em studs and the lot there, no? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't mind paying that lil bit more for it *winks*

SPOTTED: Style Influx

Accessories galore! Here we have some more! Check out the pony one there. Sure is a cutie there, no? Tee-hee. I certainly think so! Woot! Go grab it before someone else brings that home!

SPOTTED: My Favourite Boutique

Shirts a plenty! And it even comes with a badge, can? A school girl look somewhat in all sorts of colours too! Tee-hee. That is just fab, can? I'm totally eyeing the purple piece

SPOTTED: Shine Bright Firmament

Toga top there with a bow! And the best part is, the bow is detachable. So you can totally accessorize the top to the way you want it babes! Woot! Try something new every time you wear it!


Like check out them boots there already! Woot! I totally adore boots though Malaysia aint the best place to wear 'em! And they come with laces too! I loike this!

SPOTTED: Fashion Loft

A checkered jumpsuit there, can? *grins* Sure is one funky-licious item to own alright! Especially when its adorned with cute ruffles and buttons at the collar too!


Your sister in shopping

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