Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's raining.. and I should be all snugly in bed dreaming but for some odd reason I can't seem to get some shut eye. Hmm..

SPOTTED: Itsy Bitsey

All laced up and puffy. Aw.. ain't that just sweet babes? There should be more of these goodies alright! After all, we're all wearing skirts everywhere now, no?

SPOTTED: Lacey Dacey *Newbie*

If you like white like I do, then this one might be something you wanna consider! All ruffled up makes it a great piece for events and dressing up! Plenty of details that you can make do without 'em accessories, can?

SPOTTED: Soul on Stitch *Newbie*

All stitched up and totally adorable! *giggles* I love 'em when they are cute! Makes me go gaga and wanna start a collection! Or better yet, learn how to make 'em as well too!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

Them work bags sure make a great buy, no? Especially when you need to have a formal outlook. All the basic formal colours available for you now! Grab 'em while stocks last babes!

SPOTTED: Little Maketto

Plenty of handbag charms just for you babes! Come and grab 'em! Been a long while since I saw any of these alright. Why not grab a few while you're at it too? Tee-hee


Want something real simple like pearl studs? Well, they have all sorts of colours of 'em at rm4 a pair! I remember having 'em but for the life of me, I cannot remember why I pierced my ears but hardly wear any earrings!

SPOTTED: Mizz House *Newbie*

They have skirts as well too and this time, looking all floral and vintage, can? *grins* Now, why not have a go at it while you're adding on to your collection of skirts of all kinds? *grins*

SPOTTED: Melissa's Secret *Newbie*

Oh yea, bring 'em on and bring 'em good babes! The more the better, the more the merrier of course too! Tee-hee. I better go dig out my skirt collection as well too! Woot!


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