Monday, May 4, 2009


SPOTTED: No Plain Jane

Yup, we got more of 'em high waisted skirts! And this one here comes with a bow too! Woot! Not only do we like 'em all formal but also sometimes casual!

SPOTTED: Little Big Boutique

Toga dresses and in purple too! Woot! I so wanna have a piece already, can? *grins* And I'm like so hunting down for purple dresses in the upcoming ASD's B'day Bash!

SPOTTED: Pinky Ponky Pong

There's something about the piping on clothes that makes it all the better, no? I suppose its the contrast in colours *grins* Especially in this combo!

SPOTTED: Tangled Colours

Black ballet flats for the lovely feet! *giggles* Like do you like 'em already or what? Tee-hee. They should have it in pastel pink too! Like real ballet shoes!

SPOTTED: Miss Sweety Boutique

And these tube dresses? Man, havent seen them in a while alright! And they were all the rage back then! These should totally be basic necessities! Yu so cannot live without 'em!


Your sister in shopping

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