Monday, May 4, 2009

SPOTTED: Red Lips Closet

That sure is one interesting bag there! I loike the one in red and also the one in white! Choices, choices, which shall it be? *grins* Plenty more selections from where those came from alright!

SPOTTED: Sparkle Beads

More additions to their brand new collection once more! Woot! Go and check 'em out. One of a kind but yet simple for every use! No need to wait for special occasions to don on a pair of these!

SPOTTED: Miss Lola's Closet

Ribbon cinchers are forever more, no? *giggles* Whether big or small, they're all the rage! Bet cuz they're way too adorable to resist that's why! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

As promised, their sneak peeks are now available for sale! Come and grab 'em while stocks last! Especially those zipper shoes there. They're not to be missed! Woot!

SPOTTED: Frills Shoppe

Simple ruffled blouse with fern prints all over it! Woot! This one here sure is something different from what we're used to seeing, no? Check out other funky goodies from 'em too!

SPOTTED: Rags & Threads

For the love of checkered shirts! Here they are s'more! And they've got another design as well too. This ain't the only one alright *winks* Check 'em out!

SPOTTED: Sweet Toothsome

Oh yes, they're still around and good to go! They're the best kinda dresses to own, no? *winks* More new prints for you to choose from. Come and get 'em!

SPOTTED: Our Mutual Passion

Oo.. like check out that cincher there with the rose! So unique and lovely, no? I totally would adore something fancy like this one here alright! Available in 3 other colours, while stocks last that is


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