Monday, May 4, 2009

SPOTTED: Eclectic Cut

Handpicked goodies all the way from Melb! Not restockable and there's only one of each. You know what to do babes. Grab 'em and grab 'em fast alright! Woot!

SPOTTED: Alphabet Closet

Simple shades of black, grey and white makes a dress! Ahh..don't worry about how horizontal lines make you fat. They so do not, just pair it with the right accessories and voila! You look fantabulous!

SPOTTED: Scarlet Garments

Plenty of Anna Sui goodies up for grabs! The bags come in all different sizes to suit your needs babes! Woot! Like go have a blast choosing already! Spoilt for choice!

SPOTTED: The Shoe Cupboard

I never quite realised it before, but I totally adore wedges! I'm not sure why though. Tee-hee. Just find them so pretty and of course, makes up for the lack of height for me *grins*

SPOTTED: Label Leaf

Here you go babes, those who have been hunting for bow ties since forever more! but totally limited, can? So better hurry while she has 'em in stocks! Woot!

SPOTTED: Pretty Ever After

Both dress and bag are for sale! Ain't that just great news? I love it when you can purchase the whole look that's modelled! A perfect outfit, can? Tee-hee


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