Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SPOTTED: Fruity Sensation


Ahh.. some denim hot shorts, can? *grins* And not to forget them hemline there as well too. Looking dainty and sexy all in one I would say! Tee-hee. And a belt there sure is looking fab as well too!

SPOTTED: White Label


Wild prints once more! And lots of zebra prints there, can? *winks* And also it comes in a variety of colours too! Woot! Love it when we have choices for our goodies! Tee-hee. Don’t you agree too?

SPOTTED: Shorty’s Cup of Tea *Newbie*


Summer time brings more colours to our wardrobe alright. Wear them out, wear them happy and be the sunshine to others babes! Tee-hee. Doesn’t all have to be warm colours of course *winks*

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon


Ahh.. I totally saw someone wearing this dress the other day, can? And man, I didn’t know they were selling it as well too! Woot! Am looking for dresses! The more the better! Tee-hee. What about you?

SPOTTED: Tangled Colours *Newbie*


Ahh.. more headbands coming our way! Tee-hee. I just got one the other day for myself and it’s so pretty, can? *grins* Planning to have a collection that rival Blair’s! Tee-hee. I know, I’m totally crazy about Gossip Girls!


Wash jean-3

Stone washed skinnies sure are the way to go, can? *grins* And do we love it or what! Especially when they fit like a second skin there like this one here. It’ll be great to have one! Woot!

SPOTTED: Grab a bag *Newbie*


We saw some snake skin clutches yesterday and looks like we’re seeing more today as well too! Woot! Match them wild prints with these awesome clutches already babes! *winks* I think we’re gonna have a wild par-tay!

SPOTTED: What’s Your Flavour?


Yay! More fedoras and they are looking very Burberry-ish, can? Tee-hee. I never had one but always wanted one! Here’s my chance and if you buy two, you’ll get a better rate as well too! Woot!


Your sister in shopping

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